Dissolved Air Flotation Unit for Textile Industry

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) System, is a water treatment equipment used to separate water and contaminants in the waste water.

DAF System works with a two step process, the first being the pre-treatment process and the second being a flotation process.

The system works by the following method, during the pre-treatment process, chemicals are combined with the contaminant in the water to create a light, floatable floc in the mixing tank. After pre treatment process, air (in micro bubble form) are introduced into the pre-treated water in the DAF unit. The air then will float the floc so it can be separated from the water with a skimmer.

Our system is especially optimized to deal with the waste water coming from the textile industry.
However, if required we can adjust our system to deal with other types of waste water as well.

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