Wood (Biomass) Pelleting Equipment

Wood (Biomass) Pelleting Equipment

Our company supply top of the line wood (biomass) pelleting equipment from top manufacturers in Europe and USA.

Our Wood (Biomass) Pellet Machine is very suitable to handle the following materials:

  • Wood Waste
  • Saw Mill Waste
  • Wood and Sanding Website
  • Straw
  • Dried Forage
  • By Product of Cereal and Legumes

In addition to supplying wood (biomass) pelleting equipment, we can also provide design expertise to design your wood (biomass) pelleting line and supply every other piece of equipment that you may need to build your wood (biomass) pelleting line.

*NOTE: We do not sell Wood Pellets, We supply wood (Biomass) pelleting machine and provide design expertise in designing wood (biomass) pellet plant

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