PILANA Industrial Knives

Pilana is a world leading manufacturer with more than 85 years of experience in industrial knives and other parts for woodworking and recycling industries. 

Main products for wood industry are knives and spare part for machines such as Pallmann, Maier, Pessa, BRUKS, Hombak, etc

Their Product :

  1. Chipper Knives
  2. Chipper Knives Part
  3. Rotary Knives
  4. Knives for Recycling Industry
    • Granulators
    • Knives for production of RDF
    • Shredder Knives and Counter Knives
    • Knives for Recycling Tyres

For Particleboard and MDF producers, part could be supplied:

–          Knives and wear part for disc chipper, drum chipper or hammer mill

–          Knives and part for flaker ring parts

–          Part for refining mill

For Pulp Paper producers, part could be supplied:

–          Knives and part for wood chipper machine such as chipper knives, wear plate, knife block and anvil

Part could be supplied also for following industries:

–          For Plywood producers: to supply peeling and slicing knives

–          For Sawmill: to supply knives for debarking knives

–          For Recycling Process: to supply knives and parts for crusher waste material from scrap metal recycling and granulator for plastic recycling