Spark Extinguishing Systems

In industrial process where bulk materials


  1. Wood Based Panel Industry
  2. Wood Pellet Plant

are being processed there is a major risk of fire and dust explosion  in the material transport line due to the combination of spark and large amount of combustible material

In order to prevent the aforementioned incidents, which will cause system downtime, personal and property damage a spark extinguishing system is required.

Our Spark Extinguishing System

As the Indonesian agent for Fagus GreCon (Germany), we supply top of the line spark extinguishing system to our customers.

Spark is generated when the material collide with the material transport line or each other, at an enclosed space like the material transport pipe the spark could ignite all of the materials that is currently in the material transport line.

Spark Extinguishing system works by detecting the spark and activating the extinguishing system to put out the spark before the spark has the chance to ignite the material.

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